Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY IKEA Cake Stand

If you need a decorative cake stand  for parties, wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, here's a simple and very inexpensive DIY project. All you need are two SKURAR candle dishes for the combined price of $6.98, a cake stand handle, a drill, 10 minutes and you're set.

So simple yet so elegant. It looks like doilies, don't you think?

 Take a 15" SKURAR candle dish and a 7" SKURAR candle dish. 

Find the center on each dish and drill a hole the same size as the cake stand handle. 

Attach the handle and're done. 

Cake stand handles come in a variety of sizes, 1-tier, 2-tier and 3-tier. Colors also vary. I personally prefer the silver-toned to give it a more elegant look. However, the white-tone will work just fine for a more casual look. I think the key here is to find a 2-tier handle. It has only 2 pieces. If you find a 3-tier handle with 3 pieces, use 2 of the pieces.

There are several vendors on Etsy. The handles can be out-of-stock at any time so these links may or may not provide up-to-date inventory levels. Just do a search for "cake plate hardware" or "cake stand handle".  Here's a link where I found several of them.

Have fun creating your cake stand!